Marhaba (hello) and Welcome to the middle east, the home of desert moons, magic carpets and never ending sand dunes, shadowed by the world’s tallest buildings . Here you’ll find the beautiful contrasts of desert wilderness and extreme luxury. Nothing beats the feeling of driving through the barren lands of the desert with the beautiful Dubai skyline appearing in the horizon. If you are looking for a unique experience, the middle east is the place for you.


Best time to visit 

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Where what used to be only sand is now home to some of the most spectacular, luxurious and pumping cities in the world. No wonder Dubai is nowadays one of the most visited cities in the world! Lost somewhere in between the mighty skyscrapers and the silence of the endless desert we found ourselves settling down for a few months in the heart of the Middle East. 


That time we partied with a celebrity for two days…

We got invited to a party by one of our girlfriends at a suite in a hotel, and whooaa did we get surprised when we realised who’s suite it was?! It was freakkin USHER. Like, wtf!!


We went to a nightclub and were literally followed by paparazzi, every one wanted to take photos and we were just in the back like what’s going on haha! Safe to say the champagne was flowing that night ;) We managed to sneak in to the suite for the after party (after getting turned down by security a few times) and walked in to a hotel room full of dollar bills, all over the floor. Insane haha! The next day they rented a yacht and we went out  with them for a boat party the whole day. Such a fun day and definitely something you don’t do every day.

Boat parties for days

The best parties in Dubai are always out on the ocean, nothing beats dancing to great music and jumping in the ocean with amazing views of the marina and the Palm. We usually got invited by the regular guests from work, and their boats are not like normal boats haha, try super yachts!