Sri Lanka is a truly amazing little island just south of India. The very diverse landscape, from rain forest and highlands to mountains and sandy beaches mixed with unique wildlife and good vibes all around makes it the perfect destination for every traveller.




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Meet the gentle giants


The most beautful trainride in the world

Slow down, and enjoy the scenic ride through misty tea plantations, green hills & waterfalls

That amazing memory when we saw wild elephants in the sunrise strolling past us

Coconuts, lush palmtrees and clear blue water as far as the eye can see


train ride

Its every travellers dream of taking the train to the hill country, through old pine forests and foggy tea estates. The views from the open window will take you breath away and have you snapping photos at every turn. Along the way you will see steep mountains, old lovely bridges, waterfalls, small villages, and you are greeted by lots of local kids running along the train tracks.


The route runs from Kandy to Ella and back, we chose to start from Kandy and go all the way which took us approx 7 hours. Some people choose to jump off a bit earlier, but thats totally up to you!





I N F o

 Today there is no official website to buy tickets from and there has been another few travel agents selling tickets online, like 12GO, but since this constantly are changing we would recommend to not buy your tickets online. You can purchase your tickets cheap from any train station in Sri Lanka beforehand. 2nd and 3rd class is always available for a very cheap price, even if you buy them the same morning. Although,  if you are picky with the what type of ticket you want some of the different class tickets might be 'sold out' already.  

Since this train ride is a very popular thing to do the locals usually buy a lot of tickets, then sell to tourist for a higher price. When we were looking for the type of ticket we wanted all of that class tickets were bought up a whole month ahead. Best thing to do if you cant find the tickets you want at the trainstation you can do what we did and ask the staff at the guesthouse/hostel youre staying at and they will be able to help you out! You can also ask a travel agent.

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When we got to experience this unique train ride we decided to spend some extra time and stay for a few days at departure and arrival towns, Kandy and Ella, and we would definitely recommend anyone who travels here to do the same. Both of these cosy little towns are full with beautiful landscape, monkeys and day activities. We made sure to stay at a acommodation that was located high up since both of these towns are in the as they say 'mountaintowns'


Walk along the rails on the Nine Arch Bridge, Take a morning dip at Diyaluma Falls or the Ravana Falls, Hike the beautiful Little Adams peak, or climb Ella Rock.


Stroll along the Kandy lake, take a selfie with the Big Buddha or hike up to Kandy view point.

When we were living in Dubai and had just decided to quit our jobs we got offered to come to Sri Lanka with a group of amazing photographers to shoot for a resort. Our answer was obviously yes! What an amazing experience, kind of like a dream come true for us. 

We spent 10 amazing days in beautiful Sri Lanka and got to stay at five different 5 star resorts by Uga escapes. We got to explore everything there was to do in the surrounding ares like going on safari, kayaking and snorkelling and we took some amazing photos. We had such an amazing time and it's definitely a trip we will never forget. 

OUR 10




The swing is located at beautiful Dalawella beach, just outside the guesthouse Dream Cabana.

The staff will charge you a small amount (€4) for them to maintain the swing, 



We grabbed our cameras, packed a picknick basket and drove our scooter to watch the sunset from this magical place.


There is plenty of swings on the beaches in Sri Lanka but this one is just something extraordinary about.



One of our fav places in Sri Lanka. This little town has everything, beautiful beaches, some nightlife, good restaurants and best of all great vibes!

Shady Lane

If you are in Mirissa make sure you pop in to Shady lane for the yummiest smoothie bowls in all of Sri Lanka!

One of our favourite beaches

in all of Sri Lanka, it's so pretty!

The coolest local beach where

we drove our scooter on the

sand, there was also wild cows

chillin' on the beach!

A small but beautiful bay that

also has very good surfing and
cute little fruit stands

Full with activities and fun! Tips,
if you go to Mirissa dive centre 
you will have a beach to youself


Palmtree heaven, here you 
can also see cute little baby turtles! 

Just off the shore on Polhena Beach you can find wild, but very friendly turtles. This is the perfect place to swim with them since there's not a lot of tourists around. When we were there it was only us and 4 turtles! 


One day we became friends with some locals who took us out on their handmade boat, and they let us sail it!


When we visited Sri Lanka we wanted to see the mighty           in their wild habitat, UNFORTUNATELY after bad recommendations we ended up visiting a ''sanctuary'', The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, that we left just after 1 minute seeing the most horrible sights of elephants being rid on by tourist and tied up tight. Please be mindful of the wildlife and nature when you are travelling. In this place the elephants were treated very badly and they were tied up in chains and hit with a sharp stick by their handlers if they did not listen to the commandos, this was the worst thing we have ever experienced. We could feel the elephants deep distress and our hearts really broke seeing this. So please, DO NOT VISIT THE PINNAWALA ELEPHANTS ORPHANAGE.

Although a much better option is to visit the national parks, we visited both Yala, which is the most visited park in Sri Lanka, and Udawalawe, and out of these two we would definitely recommend Udawalawe since its simply less touristy and not as many cars around. In both of these national parks you can see the same animals. Elephants, peacocks, water buffaloes, crocodiles, deer, monkeys a lot of different birds or maybe even a leopard if you are really lucky.

You can book online but the best way is to ask your home stay to help you book a driver for the day that will take you though the park, we did not get a tour guide since the driver knows so much about the park and all of the wildlife already. Either you can choose to have your own car, or to make it cheaper and share with other people. 


The entry fee is the same to Udawalawe as Yala, around € 20 totally including service charge, and for the jeep that seats 6-8 ppl it should be around € 35-40  for a half day.