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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

There’s another world under the surface, the bright colours brought to it, the curious marine life and mysterious creatures you’d never find on land that really caught my interest. It’s such a precious feeling of being underwater, away from all noise, with all that you can hear is your own breath. I found a feeling I’ve never felt before when I peacefully swam in the deep blues, and experience a weightless feeling that further only astronauts can feel.

But scuba diving surely isn’t for everyone, but if you ever would be curious I would definitely suggest you trying, it might change your life.

My first dive was in Australia and then the second time after that in Thailand, but without any education or certificate in diving. But as I ascended to the surface during my first dive felt straight away that I wanted to learn more, dive deeper and feel more responsible for myself so I decided to do my open water certificate and then carry on my course after that. The world we live in today consists of 30% land and 70% water, and to explore only the land just wasn’t enough for me.

First I started with my Open Water course, which gave me a basic education in diving and security under water which qualified me to scuba dive anywhere in the world. I did it at Ban's Diving School on Koh Tao island in Thailand the course cost roughly €350 and it was 3 days long, this is a dive school that I would really recommend! Plus my instructor was the hottest ever so I had something to look at all day. In this course I got the qualification to dive 18 m deep and you learn all about safety, your diving equipment, how to communicate with other divers under the water and about the ocean and its amazing marine life. During your studies you also go diving to learn underwater skills and how to control your breathing and buoyancy.

After this I just couldn't get enough, so I decided to go straight to Malaysia to do the next step in my diving, Advanced diving course.

I did this course on Perhentian islands that only had electricity from 8pm, no roads or atms, all there was was diving, and I loved it! The price for the whole course with accomodation and food was roughly €220, which is one of the cheapest places in the world to get educated in scuba diving! Here I got certified for 30 m deepdive, diving in the night (which was friggin’ EPIC) and the right to explore shipwrecks. I saw SO many cool creatures under the water which I will never forget. Diving is something I will definitely continue and educate myself in more and more around the world and I can not wait for my next dive! Wherever it may be in this beautiful world.

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