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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

After reading some of these stories you will probably think that we are crazy 😂 But our goal is to always have fun no matter what, and create memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Here´s our 5 most memorable and crazy memories.. so far!

1. When we were living out of a train station locker in Germany

After travelling through Europe we decided to finish our trip off with the biggest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest. We had luxuriously booked ourselves an Airbnb cause it actually turned out cheaper than living in a hostel, and believe it or not, even cheaper than if we would camp in a tent! We went loco every night in the beer tents, drinking way to many pints and chugging beer from anything we could find, hats, shoes, you name it!

After the second night of partying, we lost our Airbnb key.. (of course). Unfortunate as it was, our host did not live in the apartment with us, but far away from the city. He was kind enough to come by and unlock our door the same night, although he couldn't open for us after 9 pm any other day. He didn't wanna give his last copy of the key to us (I wouldn't either if i was him hehe) so we had to move out since we couldn't use the apartment anyways. Coming home before 9 pm was definitely not an option for us when we were at an event as fun as Oktoberfest! 🍻

Since Oktoberfest has 6 million visitors a year, we knew that it was gonna be impossible to find an available and cheap hostel for the rest of the week. We thought that it would be a fun experience to try to go with the cheapest option we could find, so we put our bags in a train station locker and basically lived there for the remaining time. By the way, it only cost like € 2 each per day! So where did we sleep? Shower? Change?

The first night we had some friends staying in a hostel so we sneaked in through the laundry door up to their room where they actually had empty newly made beds, yayy! (we thought..) The day after we woke up like princesses after a comfy night sleeping in a bed, but to our surprise there was a little guy sleeping on the foot end of the bed. We had slept in his bed! And he was too kind and shy to wake us up, we felt so bad the day after but according to him he didn't mind 😂

Second night homeless we decided to try something new, we confidently walked in to a hotel through the lobby, went up the elevator where we found a warm heater in the end of a corridor.We laid down next to it for the night and didn't see a single person, fancy huh?

The third night we sneaked up to the same hostel as the first night, but this time we slept on the floor, sorry little guy! There is usually public showers and changing rooms in most countries, so yeah that´s where we freshened up every day for a small penny! We actually also ended up sleeping at the train station a couple of nights, waiting halls and Mcdonalds have surprisingly comfy seats haha!

Another fun memory from Oktoberfest. One drunken night we got the brilliant idea: "why not go to another country, let´s book it, and let´s go now!" We somehow managed to book a bus ticket out of the country and only 3 hours later we were on the road! PS, we don't really remember making it to the bus.


2. Why we stole and peed on a phone in Bali

Ok, after reading this story you will probably think that we are completely insane, but let's go!

So we were traveling through Bali for the first time with our 5 best Swedish girlfriends, and our first stop on the trip was Kuta, the party capital of Bali. Little did we know that once you're in Kuta you have to keep your belongings close, but your enemies closer. We were out raving, as you do, and these two older local ladies started dancing with us, yay fun, we thought. After a few minutes they ripped off one of our handbags with phone, money and wallet in, thinking that we would probably do nothing about it. Little did they know that they were messing with some crazy blondes 👯‍♀️

Just imagine 7 Swedish girls running after these two Balinese ladies! They managed to jump in to a taxi trying to get away, which they by the way couldn't because the traffic was jammed hehe. One of our friends ran after the taxi and jumped in with them as the rest of us stood watching our little friend take off with some randoms, and clearly criminal Indonesian ladies. Now it wasn't about the handbag anymore, we just wanted our friend back!

The minutes went past very slowly and our friend didn't come back, and there was no way to reach her. What do we do now? We even talked to the police but even they didn't know how to help us find her. After about 30 minutes we finally (!!) see our friend in far distance walking proudly back to us as she was shouting "I stole that b*tches phone" 😂

After laughing around for a bit we realized that we didn't wanna keep the phone on us and that they would probably hunt us down and kill us. So we thought of the best revenge our drunken minds could come up with, we all pied on the phone. The end.


3. That time when we had a fight with Lindsay Lohan

Long story short, Lindsay Lohan was partying at our work and was sitting at one of our tables. We really got along and it was like the coolest thing ever until she refused to pay for her bill. When we told her she couldn’t have the vodka bottle if she didn’t pay for it she lost her shit. After shouting for a while that she would get us fired, ruin our lives and what not, she put the bottle in her purse and ran. We had to chase her out of the club and get the bottle back, haha! Always fun to meet a childhood idol, right?


4. When we got kicked out, fined and fired in one day from our job in New Zealand 😆

Yes! It's possible! After working in Queenstown for a few months we were in the end of our contracts and our bosses threw an annual boat party to celebrate the staff. The same morning we woke up in a town a few hours away, where we had spent the last few nights renting out a house with our bestest friends. We rented the house to have little (okay it was big) party getaway, and of course the party continued even in the morning on route back to Queenstown, all the way to the staff party that was about to start. We had spoken to our boss before that and she was kind enough to let us bring our 10 friends on the boat. Just before the boat was about to take off, we rocked up in 3 cars super smashed ready to party (btw this was at 1pm on a Wednesday). Let's just say we were the party. After 30 minutes one of the anywheregirls (let's not get in to names) got put in a water taxi back to shore for being too drunk, nonsense we thought! The rest of us continued the party and had the most crazy day, we won't go into details but it involved drinking beers upside down, horse head masks, jumping off the boat and getting weirder than ever.

The day after we were texting with our bosses and they fined us for the water taxi back to shore, a fee for throwing bean bags off the boat (we didn't leave it in the water, we fished it up straight away), a cleaning fee to clean up all the beer and a text message with "erm, maybe it's better if you don't come back to work at all". We embraced it and spent the last few weeks of our remaining time exploring Queenstown and getting up to even more mischief and just had the best time.


5. When we ended up partying with Usher (!?) for two days in Dubai

We got invited to a party by one of our girlfriends at a suite in a hotel, and whooaa did we get surprised when we realised who’s suite it was?! They all came down to the lobby to get us and we looked at each other thinking WTF, it was Usher standing in front of us. Just crazy!!

We went to a nightclub and were literally followed by paparazzi, everyone wanted to take photos and we were just in the back like what’s going on haha! Safe to say the champagne was flowing that night ;) We managed to sneak in to the suite for the after party (after getting turned down by security a few times) and walked into a hotel room full of dollar bills, all over the floor. Insane haha! The next day they rented a yacht and we went out with all of them for a boat party the whole day. Such a fun day and definitely something we don’t do every day 👅

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