Updated: Jul 13, 2019

During our four and a half years of travels we have been extremely lucky to experience so many amazing adventures that most people only ever dream about. We have to pinch ourselves sometimes when we talk about all of our amazing memories because it actually feels like something out of a movie. This is some of our coolest adventures so far...

✈ Climbing an active volcano in Bali just in time to see the sun rise over the mountains at the top and boiling our breakfast eggs in the volcanic steam.

✈ Running past a group of camels to dive into an ocean full of crocodiles in front of the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen, in Broome, Western Australia.

✈ Throwing ourselves out in the open sky over a land full of snowy mountain tops and glacier lakes as we were skydiving and paragliding in New Zealand.

✈ Driving a 4WD around the largest sand island in the world in Oceania, seeing wild dingos, sleeping under the stars, surfing the big sand dunes and swimming in lakes and natural "hot tubs" (champagne pools).

✈ Living on the road in New Zealand and free camping in a tent without electricity or water for 2 months as we explored the whole country. Sleeping next to glaciers, mile long beaches and on top of mountains.

✈ Drinking a beer in Spain on top of a cliff over the ocean at one of the most magnetic places in the whole world, Es Vedra rock.

✈ Swimming with massive wild stingrays outside of Sydney, wild dolphins in Adelaide and four meter long whale sharks in the Philippines.

✈ Spending a week exploring one of the natural wonders of the world in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay.

✈ Seeing wild elephants roam past us in the wilderness of stunning Sri Lanka.

✈ Kayaking and jumping into a lake with over 40.000 crocodiles in the Kimberly in Western Australia.

✈ Spending three nights sleeping in a hammock in the wild rain forest of Australia. Canoeing on the everglades and hanging out with kangaroos.

✈ Swimming with the bio luminescent plankton (look like stars in the water) outside an island in Thailand.

✈ Sitting on a sand dune in the desert, watching the sun go down over Dubai as a camel strolled past.

✈ Living with a local family that showed us the hidden treasures of Nice in France, hidden waterfalls, mighty mountains and Jacuzzi's on top of cliffs.

✈ Drinking endless of beers at the biggest beer festival in the world in Munich, Germany, as we sang along to live music with some of our best friends we have made traveling.

✈ Experiencing the true outback Australia, working at a cattle and sheep farm outside of Adelaide for three whole months. Feeding animals, building fences, castrating sheep (🤣) and driving motorbikes.

✈ Living on a catamaran for three days with twenty other backpackers from all over the world as we sailed the biggest reef in the world. Snorkeling with sharks and turtles, watching breathtaking sunsets and falling asleep under an open sky full of stars listening to the sound of the waves is something we will never forget.

✈ Driving our scooter up the eastern coast of Borneo.

Island hopping around the Philippines, seeing beautiful lagoons, snorkeling in the colorful reefs and diving in to some of the clearest waters we’ve ever seen.

✈ Sleeping in a houseboat on the canal in the middle of Amsterdam with five of our best friend we’ve met traveling.

✈ Standing on a church roof on top of a mountain on a Greek island watching the sun go down over the white buildings and the sea.

✈ Dancing in the water to our favourite music under the stars on a beautiful beach in Bali until the morning.

✈ Hiking to the top of some unbelievable mountains to witness the most breathtaking views of New Zealand.

✈ Jumping hand in hand from a 10m high hanging bridge in to a freezing clear blue glacier stream in Haast Pass in New Zealand.