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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

A lot of people ask us how we can travel so much, so we thought that we would share our best budget tips! For us every penny matters, especially booking flights and accommodation. The more were budgeting, the longer we can travel without having to stop and work. Plus it's an experience and you will learn that you don't need much to be happy and to have the best time 😉✌

1. Stay for free

There is actually a few ways to stay for free whilst you’re out traveling, that you might have never even heard of. Our favorite way is 100% couchsurfing which is an app for travel-lovers who wants to make new friends and have a spare room or couch for you to crash on for a few nights. It’s nothing shady at all (as most people seem to think) and you can always see reviews from people who have stayed before, we only pick homes with good and many reviews. It’s just a different way of meeting new people and also saving lots of money. The first time we tried couchsurfing we actually ended up in this ⬇ huge villa right by the beach in Santorini, all for free, how good!?

We have also always been lucky enough to run into people here and there as we’re traveling that has offered us to stay at their place until we find something else. There are a lot of nice people out there and when we have our own place we always have other travelers and friends staying with us. Give and get! ;) We also like to book night time flights or over night buses and trains to save a night of accommodation, there have been times when we’ve slept in Mcdonalds and waiting halls as well but maybe that’s not a recommendation haha.

Another way to stay for free which is pretty popular for backpackers is to work and stay in hostels. You work for a few hours a day in exchange for a free bed and usually also a few meals for free. We have never actually done this but we have a lot of friends who have and they all love it. It’s a great way to stay a bit longer at your favourite destinations!

We have also done a lot of road trips where we sleep either in the car or camp in a tent, we love to camp and the best thing is that it's usually free. If there are no free campgrounds close by you can always just stop by a nice beach and set up your tent there.


2. Make your own food

Food is usually what a lot of travelers spend most of their money on, because everybody likes to eat out. So do we, and we eat out sometimes (not that often) but we’ve learnt that a picnic or BBQ by the beach looking out over a beautiful sunset beats every restaurant we have ever been to. If you stay in a hostel there are always common kitchens and fridges so that you can make your own food. If you’re traveling around in Asia on the other hand, it’s usually actually cheaper to eat at local restaurants or street food stands than it is to buy groceries at a supermarket.

3. Pack light!

A lot of the time when we book our flights, we find the cheapest possible ones, we’re super happy and then when we go to check out, they almost double the price just to bring a bag. This is why we have spent most of our time traveling only with a carry on. It’s not really possible when you travel to cold places, but luckily most long flights have luggage included. Although when you travel to more tropical places, like we do most of the time, you don’t really need a lot of things with you and a carry on is enough. We also like to put on lots of layers of clothes and stuff everything else in to a way to small bag hoping no one will weigh it before we board the flight. We always travel with too much weight but have never been fined yet, knock on wood haha!

4. Stay in hostels

Believe it or not, we do pay for accommodation sometimes haha, but when we do we stay in hostels. The only time we stay in hotels is if we’re a lot of people sharing a room and it adds up being cheaper than a hostel bed per person. However, staying in hostels is the easiest way to meet new people and make new friends and it’s usually also a lot less expensive than hotels for example. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a room with other people there’s often private rooms as well. The cheapest hostel we ever stayed in was as cheap as 3.5 euros per night so if you stay like that you can have really long holidays ;)

5. Save money on flights

We always try to fly as cheap as we possibly can, that’s why we usually book our own stopovers and change booking websites. It’s usually cheaper to book your stopover separately as a lot of flight search engines only show flights from the same operator. For example flying from Sydney to Sweden can be really expensive but if you book a flight from Sydney to Bangkok from one site and Bangkok to Sweden from another, we found that sometimes the difference is almost half the price.

Side note → Change the country of your booking website, for example if you want to fly from Sweden to London the flight there is usually very cheap and the one back is very expensive but if you book the returning flight from an English website that is usually a lot cheaper!

6. Drink, but don´t drink up your money 🥂

Going out and drinking is usually the thing that breaks your budget the most, but it doesn’t have to be so expensive to go out. We also buy drinks out sometimes but we try our best not to, as it’s not really necessary. First of all we pre drink before we go out. Buy alcohol in the supermarket, gather your friends and drink at home before you go out, it's usually the most fun part of the night anyways and it definitely saves you a lot of money. Well at the club sometimes we don’t drink more or we run out to shops close by and have a beer before we run back in to the club. It’s usually like a fifth of the price for the exact same beer?! Another thing we do (that we probably shouldn’t tell other people to do because it will probably get you in trouble) is to fill all sorts of random objects with alcohol and bring with us in our bags or pockets so that we can have some shots during the night haha. The funniest thing we did was to bring a whole wine bag in to a bar strapped around one of our backs under our shirt. We looked like Quasimodo but we didn’t pay for a single drink in the bar haha!

7. Don't always go on tours

Exploring everything the areas you travel to has to offer is a must but you don’t always have to book tours to do so. Before we go somewhere we always look up the must do's in the area and then rent our own car or scooter and drive around to all the places we want to see. Who doesn't love a roadtrip?! It’s a lot cheaper and also nice that you can decide yourself what places you want to go to, maybe you find some hidden treasures along the way!

8. Catch public transport

It’s very rare that we get a taxi anywhere, even from airports. Almost always there’s the option of catching public transport and it can save you so much money. It might take a little longer but usually only costs a few euros while the same distance in a taxi can cost you like ten times as much. We also try to walk as much as we can to places that aren’t too far off, saves both the environment and it’s good for your health. In Dubai you would’ve seen us trek 30 minutes from the closest supermarket with five bags on each arm so we didn’t have to get a taxi, haha.

Happy budgeting!💰

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