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We arrived to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, early in the morning after spending the night on a bus. We've gotten so used to taking the bus everywhere that we now think it's quite nice no matter how long it takes (it's also better for the environment than flying which is a big plus). We didn't know if we'd want to stay in Serbia so we decided to lock our bags in at the bus station and look around before we booked a hostel.

We left the bus station and had no idea where we were going, so we thought we'd walk in to a hostel and ask what to see and do. Every single hostel we saw was either closed or locked 😂 After searching for a bit we found a hostel that was open and the receptionist gave us a map and pointed out a few spots for us to check out. We thought it would be a bit funny to try and go sightseeing around the city with only the map and not use our phones at all so we put down our phones and started our day of exploring. We actually did quite good to be fair but we had to stop and ask the locals a few times.

Just walking around the city is pretty nice and we made our way down to the river front where the fortress was. We enjoyed the views and snapped some photos before we headed back up the streets to find some churches and monuments that we had pointed out on our map. The Saint Sava Church is just a stunning building and our favourite place in Belgrade, runner up is the Hotel Moscow. a beautiful old hotel which makes you feel like you're being taken back in time.

We usually, more or less, love every single place we visit (we believe every place can be great if you have an open mind and think positive) however we were a bit put off by the locals in Belgrade. We stopped and asked a lot of people for help, how to find places or if there was anything nice to see in the area, and every one was quite rude. They didn't want to help, waved us off or just very loudly said NO. Very strange and sadly affected our experience in Belgrade a little bit. The city has some beautiful churches, monuments and views to check out but we want to be honest and tell you our honest experience. This was actually what made us decide to leave Belgrade the same day. After walking around all day we felt like we had seen a lot in the city and we booked a night bus to go to Budapest. Even at the bus station we had such a hard time finding the right terminal as everyone who worked there was SO rude and refused to help. When we finally found our bus we jumped on, waved goodbye to Serbia and headed for our next adventure and we had no idea what a treat we were in for 😍

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