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Montenegro turned out to be the most surprising destination of this years Eurotrip, we had no expectations what so ever but WOW. We were blown away even before we arrived to this amazingly pretty country. On the bus from Bosnia to Montenegro we got to see the most stunning views, mountains and big blue lakes and streams. It didn't really matter that we got on the longest bus with no AC because the nature passing by outside the window was all worth it.

We arrived to Kotor, a small town surrounded by mountain tops, about 40 minutes from the coast line, and headed straight down to the lake for a sunset swim. Kotor is a cute old town with heaps of small restaurants and bars and just down from the old town lays a big blue lake where you can swim or go for a boat ride. We spent two days there and the plan was to go hiking the second day but unfortunately we woke up to pouring rain that lasted all day. In true backpacker spirit we went to the supermarket, got some beers and food and found some new friends in the common room of the hostel that we spent the evening with. Before we knew it we hit the bars and made chaos in the little town to say the least. Our two besties George and Matti changed outfits with us and danced their asses off in the tiny pub we were hanging out at, haha. There was also a leather belt involved but let's not get in to details 😂 Kotor is tiny but with a surprisingly busy nightlife full of small alleyway bars and pubs, our favorite was called Lektrika.

After two days in Kotor the boys decided to start making their way south to Albania but since we had already spent a lot more money than we had planned, we stayed back in Montenegro for a few more days. We hopped on a bus to the coastal town Budva and the boys who are just as bad as we are at booking stuff in advance, missed the last bus to Albania and came to spend one more day with us in Budva.

Budva is an amazing city with some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen, just stunning! Even if we loved Budva we should probably mention that it’s craaaazy busy. We’ve never ever heard of the place but it was insane! People just about everywhere. Perfect for going out but not as good when you try to find a spot to lay down at the beach. Surprisingly the old town beach was the least busy of all. If you walk down to the Old Town beach you'll see a little coastal walkway on your right which leads you along the cliffs all the way to the most beautiful beach in Budva town, Mogren beach. If you want a spot to lay down tho, you probably have to go very early in the morning as it's craaazy busy.

The boys stayed with us for the first night and since we were in charge of booking accommodation we of course went with the cheapest thing we could find. Surprise, surprise we ended up in a tiny little room about 30 minutes walk from town. Oupsie! We went for some goodbye beers and checked out the bars and the next morning the boys were off to Albania. We stayed in Budva two more days and went exploring every inch of the city and also jumped on a bus to Ploce beach for a siiiick pool party. If you ever go to Budva, don't miss out on the Ploce day parties. SO MUCH FUN! We met some Swedish guys when we arrived and spent the day dancing around the pool, jumping in the ocean and drinking beers. We took a boat back to town (we only realized as we left that the boat is the same price as a bus, 5 EUR return and so much more fun) and got ready for another night on the town.

Since we were staying in the middle of nowhere we found it a bit hard to find other travelers to hang out with so we strolled around the streets of the old town without finding anyone. Luckily there was two other guys out in the same mission and we suddenly heard someone scream "BAR CRAWL, BAR CRAWL", we raised our hands and was like yes please 😂 They didn't actually have a bar crawl they just wanted to find one, and they found us so we decided to do our own pub crawl. All the bars were a bit dead still so we went to the supermarket, got some drinks and then went to their hostel and finally found out where all the other travelers were hiding. If you want a fun place for predrinks, head to Freedom Hostel! We ended up going out with a big crew and had one of the most fun nights during our whole stay in Montenegro.

We booked ourselves on a night bus the third day and headed off to Serbia. We both agreed we will have to go back to Montenegro again once we have a car and can explore all the surrounding mountains and towns because the scenery is really out of this world!

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