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Island hopping
El Nido sunsets
Whale sharks
Kawasan falls
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Best way

to get around 

Flying between the islands is usually pretty cheap, we flew with Cebu Pacific and they had very reasonable prices.

Islands that are closer together are usually cheapest and easiest to reach by ferry 

Well at the islands there are a few ways to get around. Public bus is definitely the cheapest, but renting a scooter is also quite cheap and so much more fun! There's also bike taxis that are very cheap. 


  • El Nido

  • Nacpan beach

  • Port Barton


Our favourite spots to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of El Nido, Palawan, is Las Cabanas, Corong Corong beach and Nacpan beach 


El Nido, 

Palawan island


​When you’re in Cebu there’s public buses that go around the whole island both ways. It is soooo cheap! Just make your way to the bus station close to the airport and buy yourself a ticket!

Best areas to stay 

In Cebu we stayed at a few different places and we found that outside of these areas there were next to no tourist at all which made it a bit hard to find accommodation and food options, especially vegetarian

  • Moalboal -white beach 

  • Panagsama beach 
    snorkeling, diving

  • Oslob -whale sharks and blue water island day trip

Blue water island 


When we visited Kawasan falls, we stayed in Moalboal, rented a scooter and drove to the falls (there’s a few different falls in the same area). It took us about an hour to Kawasan. Always carry cash as you need to pay both parking and a small entry fee as a tourist. There’s three falls in Kawasan and it’s a fun adventure to make it all the way to the top. The lowest one is the most famous one that you’ve probably seen on Instagram.



Swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob is something that's on many peoples bucketlist, ours too. We stayed at a hostel next door to where the boats leave from and we were the first ones out in the water, and we were so... disappointed. 

The boats only go out about 15 metres from shore and they keep feeding theses poor sharks so that tourist can harass them. You're not allowed to go within four metres of the sharks but I saw plenty of people touching them and getting in their faces. There was hundreds of people in the water at the same time and it just made us sad. I wish I would've done some more research before getting on this thing. But it was still amazing to see these massive creatures, up to four metres long! 

Whale sharks
Whale sharks