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After almost a year in New Zealand, in 2017, winter came and it got a bit too cold for two summer-lovers like ourselves so we packed a small backpack and jumped on a plane to Athens. For one month we jumped around some beautiful islands in Greece and wow, what a trip! We did this trip in true backpacker style and slept in a rental car, couch surfing or shared a double bed between five of us, to be honest we didn’t sleep much anyways.


We started off in Zakynthos, with some of the bluest waters we’ve ever seen, continued to Santorini where we explored the island by quad bikes. Then we jumped on a ferry to Mykonos where we danced until the sunrise on the beach to amazing music and last but not least Ios where we rented a Jeep to drive around the island and partied at the beach clubs all night with our best friends. Island hopping in Greece is the ultimate girls trip!

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