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As usual when summer comes to Europe, we can't help but book a one way ticket to a beautiful destination somewhere along the Mediterranean coast line. We have done little trips around Europe for the past three summers and it's definitely some of the most fun trips we have ever done.

This year we had just arrived back home after a few months in Asia to work at some festivals around Sweden. As soon as the festivals were over, we looked at each other with the same thought as usual,


Exploring Croatia has always been high on our bucketlist and we felt like now was the perfect time to do it! The fact that we already spent most of our money in Asia and hadn't been paid for the festival jobs yet was none of our concern and would be a later problem. We checked for last minute tickets and managed to find two one-way tickets to Split, Croatia, for 150 euro total. Done! We paid for our tickets and a few days later we got on the flight.

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