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Experts in last minute flights, budget traveling, sleeping in random places and finding the most unbelievable adventures.

This is the story of two tropical addicts from Sweden who started a never ending world trip year 2014, when we first crossed paths in Australia. After this day we decided to live out of our backpacks and never look back. Both of us had just recently left our jobs and “real” lives at home, to do what we had always dreamed of, to travel the world. By combining our passion for travel and photography, we set out on a journey across the globe to fulfill our dreams.


Traveling has given us more than we could ever ask for. So many amazing people we are happy to call our friends, breathtaking moments, laughter, thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences.  


How we can afford to travel so much is a question we get asked on a daily basis, and the answer is simple. We used to stay for a while at our favorite destinations, get the most fun job we could find and save every penny we made until the travel bug inside of us took over (that usually doesn’t take more than three months) and moved on to the next adventure.

Although now, we have finally found a way to do what we have dreamed of for a long time, to start our own online business. Now we can work from wherever we want to in the world and it's just the ultimate set up for our travel lifestyle!


So here we are now, almost five years later, living our lives to the fullest every day and making crazier memories than ever.

Follow our journey as we explore every corner of the world!

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